Background BurnerTM Professional Edition FAQ

A page wherein we attempt to answer all your burning questions about how the Background Burner Professional Edition (henceforth, "BBPE") works.

What is the Background Burner Professional Edition?

BBPE is our solution for merchants or photographers that want a high quality picture with a clear background, but don't have the time, space, money, or willpower to build and staff their own photo studio.

Our background removal tool is built upon patent pending technology that automates background removal via a series of progressive computer algorithms. If you really want to get into the nitty gritty on how we built it, we wrote a blog post on the topic.

Why did you create Background Burner Professional Edition?

We run one of the largest marketplaces online,, and we've seen hundreds of millions of pictures uploaded to our marketplace. This has helped us to understand how many merchants now rely on smartphones and ad hoc photo studios (i.e., the floor) to create their product photos.

Research has proven that products sell best when they are represented with a high-detail, clear and useful product photo. This is why an increasing number of marketplaces, such as Amazon and Google Shopping, mandate white backgrounds for some or all product images.

We understand that even successful merchants often don't have the time to setup and maintain their own photo studio. Background Burner Professional Edition is the missing link that can give these merchants high quality photos at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

How does this product differ from competing solutions?

There are two general types of background removal solutions available to merchants outside the Background Burner.

The first type utilizes inexpensive graphic designers (generally from remote countries) to manually remove your image background using Photoshop or similar graphic software. Drawbacks of this solution are fees often exceeding $1 per picture, and turnaround times measured in days not hours (let alone seconds). Their benefit is that the quality of the processed image tends to be quite good.

The second type relies on user input to identify the background of a picture. Drawbacks of this solution are that one has to process images one-by-one (not practical for most larger merchants), and the quality can be spotty. Their benefit is they tend to be either "free" or "almost free."

Background Burner Professional Edition introduces a third type of image processing solution. It is effectively a hybrid of the first two, forged to combine their strengths while cancelling their weaknesses.

Our secret sauce is the patent-pending technology does most of the heavy lifting for us. Our (US-based & on-site) graphic editors can process multiple images per second, and this efficiency is reflected in the price you pay.

Tell me more about what the "Burn Caliber" is and how it works?

"Burn Caliber" is the name we use to describe how many of your pictures may be returned with additional touch-up needed.

On a plan with a "Burn Caliber" of 99%, we will strive to return 99% of the images you submit with no touch up necessary by you. With a "Burn Caliber" of 60%, a maximum of 40% of the images you submit may require some human brief intervention to get ready for production.

When you are dissatisfied with a result, we will add this data into our processing algorithm (so your results will improve over time), and credit your account as applicable to reach your image processing quota.

If you're a curious sort, the reason we offer the three levels of Burn Caliber is that they roughly correspond to our costs in delivering you the quality of result you seek. Some merchants are too busy to have the time to touch up images themselves, so they pay a bit more. Other merchants don't mind spending a few minutes finalizing their results, so they pay a bit less. The more cash we save, the more we can save you.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

When you are dissatisfied with a result, we will add this data into our processing algorithm (so your results will improve over time), and credit your account as applicable to reach your image processing quota.

If you're still not happy with the quality of your results as we adjust for your tastes, we make it easy to cancel at any time.

How long does it take to get my processed photos back?

Once we begin processing photos, the time from image submission to result will vary depending on the membership plan and whether it was the submitted during regular business hours. For clients that require high Burn Caliber results, we may need to manually touch up results to ensure the highest level of quality. Thus, for the plans with 90% Burn Caliber or more, the maximum processing time could be up to one business day.

On balance, for US-based merchants, we will be working hard toward ensuring response times that average 10 minutes or less.

Do I retain all rights to the picture that results from BBPE?

Yep. We claim no rights to your photography. We're not jerks.

How do I submit my photos for processing?

With all BBPE accounts, we recommend you automate your image submissions by using our well-documented Background Burner API. This is the fastest way to get your image processing underway.

For the merchants who don't have access to a programmer, we also offer you the option to email a spreadsheet of the images you need to have processed.

Finally, you can also upload them manually, using the Background Burner control panel.

How do I receive my photos after processing?

It depends on how you submit them. We can send them back to you via API, we can email them to you, or we can let you download them, depending on what's easiest for you. You choose once you become a BBPE member.

You offer cropping and color correcting? How does that work?

Bonanza offers various tools to edit processed images. All of the tools we offer are built into the editor and available as soon as you click the "touch up" command.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your membership by clicking on this link, which will take you to your main Background Burner page. From there click on the "Settings" tab and on the bottom of that page you will find the cancellation link. If you need additional assistance please contact our support team directly,

Who can I contact with additional questions?"

We'll be listening at