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Need a transparent background? No problem!

Focused on ecommerce

The Background BurnerTM was built by with ecommerce sellers in mind. We've seen hundreds of millions of images through our marketplace, and we understand the difference in conversion that a great picture can make.

When you feed your product photos into Background Burner, it gives them back as beautiful, studio-quality images that delight shoppers and increase sales conversion.

  • Image background removal as required by Amazon and Google Shopping
  • Image centered and fit to maximize available image resolution
  • Cropping and color enhancement available free with subscription
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Need speed?

Sometimes you just don't have the time to wait around 1-2 days while a graphic designer in a foreign country labors through their queue to get to your photo.

Our patent-pending technology helps us deliver quality results fast. How fast? Many images submitted to us can be processed in less than a minute.

No wonder Background Burner has become the most popular self-service background removal tool online, used by more than 100,000 redditors and Lifehackers.

Patience is overrated.

Built for you

Background Burner has been designed with the needs of personal & business customers in mind. We offer low, transparent pricing for users of all sizes.

Camera1 128


20 pictures per month

Ideal for People who occasionally want to edit photos for online selling, holiday cards, scrap books, or fun

Expert-reviewed plan More info 

$9.95 per month

or try the self-review plan More info
priced at $5.95 monthly or
$53.55 yearly (25% savings)
Camera2 128

Small biz

250 pictures per month

Ideal for Time-strapped small business and entrepreneurs who need to remove backgrounds regularly

Expert-reviewed plan More info 

$49.95 per month

or try the self-review plan More info
priced at $18.95 monthly or
$170.55 yearly (25% savings)
Camera3 128


2000 pictures per month

Ideal for Large businesses and professional photographers processing many photos

Expert-reviewed plan More info 

$399.95 per month

or try the self-review plan More info
priced at $94.95 monthly or
$854.55 yearly (25% savings)

All plans include:

  • Initial account optimization from a US-based picture processing expert
  • 10 day / 10 image free trial to evaluate our quality
  • Submit images via API, web, or mobile
  • Quick picture touchup tool
  • 1 minute average turnaround for self-reviewed images
  • 1 business day max turnaround for expert-reviewed images
  • All rights to the processed pictures are retained by you
  • Picture cropping (optional)
  • Color correction (optional)
  • Watermarking to prevent unauthorized use of your images (optional)

Why do we process in USA?

Most background removal services outsource your images to cheap laborers in Asia. What's the problem with that?

  • Turnaround time. Because we work during the same hours as most of our customers, we can typically return results more quickly than competitors who outsource to a different time zone.
  • Security. Transferring your images across the globe can increase the potential that images may be intercepted or received by agents that use them for unintended purposes.
  • Working conditions. All things being equal, it's a worthwhile goal to create living-wage jobs that challenge employees to gain new skills and apply their smarts on a daily basis.

The Background Burner combines patent-pending technology with a highly-trained workforce to remove your backgrounds at low cost and high speed.

Want to process more than 2,000 images per month? Got some other special situation? Let's talk about it.

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